Astros-B Repeat as B-League Champions!

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club on Oct 12 2016 at 10:01AM PDT in 2017

Astros-B repeat as B-League Champions! There were a number of new faces and, for awhile, a rotating carousel in goal when Nikki got hurt midseason, but the team banded together for a solid season, finishing 2nd during the regular season and then winning B-League Gold. Newcomer, Laura Gordon took one on the nose (literally) early in the first half, but contributed to a strong season. Our trio of Laura’s were formidable as were our crew of young forwards with Paige Koochin, Emily Smith, and Brooke Van Oosten providing a spark when a goal was needed. And, of course, our core of midfielders and defenders were a tough bunch for teams to try and get through.

Astros-B will look to defend once again in 2017, always a tough task, especially after winning in 2014 and 2015 as well.

BACK (left to right): Joanne White, Lisa Reimer, Anita Massey, Verla Wong, Brooke Van Oosten, Laura Gordon, Laura Bevelander, Laura Waller
FRONT (left to right): Emily Smith, Nicole Hutchinson, Emilie Pianarosa, Kirsten Neitsch, Melinda Bretzer
LYING in Front: Nikki Campbell

MISSING: Danica Heath, Paige Koochin, Janet Prime, Maris Schneider, Roselien Venema-Bezzeg, Laurene Uys, Michaela Walter, Nicole White