Astros-A Win Gold!

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club on Aug 23 2017 at 09:36AM PDT in 2017 Outdoor

It was a rematch of the 2016 Gold Medal match where Astros-A faced off against Phoenix Black. This time, Astros-A emerged victorious with a well-earned and well-disciplined 3 – 0 win over Phoenix Black. There were a few cards sprinkled in the game for both teams to make things interesting. A few of our youngsters (and a few of us who aren’t quite as young anymore) got to experience double-gold in winning with Astros-A and Astros-B.

Astros-A were able to follow the lead of Astros-B who had won Gold in their league final the previous night!

BACK (left to right): Maryanne Umbsaar, Nicole White, Laura Fairbairn, Maddie Romeril, Niki Baumann, Morgan Scoville
FRONT (left to right): Verla Wong, Venus Kwan, Melinda Bretzer, Brooke Van Oosten, Jose Esposito-Festen, Marla Richardson
LYING DOWN: Burgundy Biletski

MISSING: Shanelle Bjorndahl, Jess Britton, Danica Heath, Nadia Izzo, Jenny Johnson, Paige Koochin, Emilie Pianarosa, Peggy Seto, Reath Trainor, Stef Wind