Astros-A Outdoor Registration Underway

Posted by Astros-A on Mar 23 2017 at 06:15PM PDT in 2017 Outdoor

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to our new Astros Club website! While you explore the website and check out what’s happening (or has happened) with our various teams, it would be awesome if you could take a couple of minutes and fill in the online registration (it looks like the “easy” button) so that we know if you are playing or not.

Here is the link –

Outdoor CLFHA league games start the week of May 1st. The full schedule will be available in PDF format under the SCHEDULES tab. The grid with the results will be available on the CLFHA website –

— Astros-B, Omegas, and Stars play primarily on Mondays (or the occasional Wednesday if the Monday falls on a long weekend) … U of C Hawkings Field or Ernest Manning Turf

Astros-A and Sonics play on Tuesdays … U of C Hawkings Field

— Rush and Titans play on Wednesdays … Ernest Manning Turf, McMahon Stadium (and occasionally at U of C Hawkings Field)

Hope to see in outdoor!
Verla Wong
Astros Field Hockey Club