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To all of our AMAZING volunteer coaches, a TREMENDOUS THANK YOU in advance for helping to share your knowledge, time, and passion for the sport that we love!

To all of our new and returning Astros junior players and parents, a HUGE WELCOME BACK to outdoor spring field hockey – we have missed you.

To reduce the number of emails and minimize confusion, communications regarding the CJFH program will come from the CJFH Coordinator, Venus Kwan –

Attached is the schedule and list of the GROUP-OF-10 PRACTICE teams in order to meet the AHS/provincial guidelines for youth sport. If and when updates to the guidelines allow for scrimmages and game play, we will then update the teams accordingly.

  • All practices (for April) are on the OUTDOOR TURF FIELDS at the Calgary Soccer Centre, 7000 – 48 St. SE and will run for 1 hour once a week.
  • Starting May, if AHS regulations persist we will continue to run skill sessions, but it will be twice a week (Thursday and Sunday).
  • As soon as AHS regulations lift, we will jump right into game format in May on Sundays.
  • Athletes and coaches are to maintain 3m distancing at all times
  • Coaches may occasionally come closer than 3m for a short time to an athlete to help with a skill or if there is an emergency with an athlete
  • Masks must be worn at all times on and off the field. Exception is when athletes are running/doing strenuous exercise on the field while maintaining 3m physical distance
  • Athletes and coaches are required to submit a daily COVID screening form (first thing in the morning prior to each session).
  • Athletes cannot touch FHA equipment, including balls, cones, etc.
  • See FHA website for additional COVID protocols for the CJFH program


Verla Wong
Astros Field Hockey Club President

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To register, email the following information to CLFHA Administrator (
• Name
• Email
• Contact Phone #
• Indoor Team


Indoor umpires whose certification is expiring should register for a PART 1


CANCELLED PART 1: Tuesday, October 16, 2017 … 6:30pm – 9:30pm (with breaks)
CANCELLED PART 2: Thursday,October 18, 2017 … 6:30pm – 9:30pm (with breaks)

PART 1: Tuesday, January 16, 2018 … 6:30pm – 9:30pm (with breaks)
PART 2: Thursday, January 18, 2018 … 6:30pm – 9:30pm (with breaks)

WHERE: 4303 – 11 St. SE
HOW MUCH: $50 (Payable to CLFHA)
Umpire Shirt: $40 (Payable to CLFHA)
Course Conductor: Keely Dunn


1. Classroom
• Rules & interpretations
• Knowledge of the game
• What makes a good umpire?
• Video footage
• Become a more effective umpire
• Q & A

2. Written Exam:
• Exam is sent by email (open book) and examinees have 7 days to return it however they see fit
• Course Conductors will send as .DOC. which they will mark(up) them and send back

3. Field Assessment
• You will be scheduled or can request opportunities to shadow experienced umpires
• Then you will umpire with an experienced umpire or umpire-coach shadowing you
• Then you work with the League Coordinator and an Assessor to schedule a field assessment
• You get paid retroactive to the beginning of the season for games where you umpired (i.e. blow the whistle)

“Why Umpire”
• It’s rewarding, challenging and fun / helps you understand more about hockey
• You give back to the sport / become certified and get paid

The Astros Club will reimburse our umpires for the cost of the clinic once you complete your certification

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Astros Club - Outdoor Registrations Underway

Posted by Rush (Outdoor) at Mar 23, 2017 6:24PM PDT

Hi Everyone,
Welcome to our new Astros Club website! While you explore the website and check out what’s happening (or has happened) with our various teams, it would be awesome if you could take a couple of minutes and fill in the online registration (it looks like the “easy” button) so that we know if you are playing or not.

Here is the link –

Outdoor CLFHA league games start the week of May 1st. The full schedule will be available in PDF format under the SCHEDULES tab. The grid with the results will be available on the CLFHA website –

— Astros-B, Omegas, and Stars play primarily on Mondays (or the occasional Wednesday if the Monday falls on a long weekend) … U of C Hawkings Field or Ernest Manning Turf

— Astros-A and Sonics play on Tuesdays … U of C Hawkings Field

Rush and Titans play on Wednesdays … Ernest Manning Turf, McMahon Stadium (and occasionally at U of C Hawkings Field)

Hope to see in outdoor!
Verla Wong
Astros Field Hockey Club