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The CLFHA Casino is July 4th and 5th at the Elbow River Casino. There are NO ladies league games scheduled for either of these days!!!

See attached schedule.

The Astros Club has a long tradition of having lots of volunteers helping with the CLFHA casino, which is fantastic; it helps the club (and league) to keep practice and league fees fairly reasonable, even as field rental and other costs keep going up.

As field rentals and other costs to run the leagues go up, then your league fees need to increase as well. So, working a casino shift or two may help to alleviate the overall cost to play … and we definitely want you to play!

Volunteers from the Astros Club will get $100 volunteer credit per shift for each shift that you work. This may be applied to your outdoor or indoor fees. The credit may also carry over to future seasons if you are unable to play for a season for whatever reason. You will also be provided with food and beverages (non-alcoholic) during your casino shift.

Please note that casino funds for the quarter are pooled and CLFHA must then wait until the AGLC allocates the pooled $$ to each group that works a casino (and FHA, in turn, will allocate to each club depending on who volunteers from each club), so for this casino, you would apply the credit to the 2022 winter indoor or 2023 outdoor season.

You MUST bring photo ID to the casino to work your shift. For our junior athletes, if you are not yet 18 years of age, your parents, siblings, friends, etc. can work on your behalf.

If you are not able to make your shift, please find a replacement AND let Heather Ramsay (CLFHA Casino Coordinator) know – (403) 370-2503.

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We are planning for a “return to normal” this spring/summer for field hockey and are excited to welcome all of you back! And yes, we’re resurrecting the regular Astros team names now that we are past the “return to play” stage where we had players combined from our different teams.

There are 3 divisions for CLFHA / ladies league outdoor.

  • A-League (1st division) at Hawkings Field (U of C) on Tuesdays
    • Astros Teams are Astros-A and Sonics
  • B-League (2nd division) on Mondays at Hawkings Field (U of C) or Ernest Manning on Mondays (occasional Wednesday)
    • Astros Teams are Astros-B, Omegas, and Stars
  • C-League (3rd division) on Wednesdays at Hawkings Field (U of C), Ernest Manning, or McMahon Stadium on Wednesdays
    • Astros Teams are Rush, Scorpions, and Titans


  • Complete and purchase 2021-22 FHA/FHC Membership –
    • Valid from Sept. 1/2021 – Aug. 31/2022
    • If you played 2021 Fall and/or 2022 Winter Indoor, you do not need to purchase this again until Sept. 1/2022
    • If you aren’t sure whether you have a current FHA/FHC membership, please email me
  • Complete your Astros registration –
    • If you are interested/available to play on 2 of our Astros teams – e.g. Omegas (Mondays) and Scorpions or Titans (Wednesdays)
    • If you are interested in attending a preseason practice or two in April (likely a Monday or Wednesday), please put that in the COMMENTS/NOTES section at the bottom

Contact(s) to purchase field hockey equipment – sticks, shin guards, gloves, bags

Verla Wong
Astros Field Hockey Club


Registration is open for the 2022 Spring Outdoor Junior Program –

See attached for more details




Application and Information for Canadian Tire JumpStart –


  1. Astros U14 / U16 / New-U18s Registration –
  2. 2021-22 FHA/FHC Membership (choose JUNIOR) – FHA/FHC Membership and Insurance
    • Valid from Sept. 1/2021 – Aug. 31/2022
    • If you played 2021 Fall Outdoor League and/or 2022 Winter Indoor, you do not need to purchase this again until Sept. 1/2022
  3. Experienced U18 athletes may complete the regular Astros registration –
  4. U12s and FunStix should register on the FHA website –


  • March Preseason Practices (Inside) – see attachment for details
  • April Practices (Inside) – Genesis Centre
  • May Practices (Outside) – Shouldice & McMahon Stadium
    • Practices will Thursdays plus a couple of Wednesdays
  • June/July (Outside) – Shouldice & McMahon Stadium
    • Practices will Thursdays plus a couple of Wednesdays
    • Last practice will be July 21st


  • May 14 – CLFHA One-Day Tournament (U16s)
  • May 15 – League Games commence
  • May 21 – Victoria Day Weekend – Off
  • May 29 – Lacombe Deer Festival
  • June 18 – Edmonton Festival
  • July 2 – Canada Day Weekend – Off
  • July 16 – Last League games
  • July 23 – Calgary Festival


  • League games will be on SATURDAYS
  • U14s will be 7v7 (half-field games) and U16s will be 11v11 (full field games)


  • To wear T-shirt, shorts, and running shoes
  • Shin guards (soccer ones will be fine to start), mouth guard (MANDATORY; available at Sport Chek), water bottle


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2021 Modified CLFHA Outdoor Season

Posted by Astros Field Hockey Club at Jun 24, 2021 10:57PM PDT

Hooray!! We’re playing again … with other people and umpires and mosquitoes and everything!


  • There will 2 divisions this summer.
  • For Division I, weekly games will be held on Tuesday evenings.
  • For Division II, weekly games will be held on Monday evenings + some Wednesday evenings if the Monday falls on a stat holiday/long weekend.
  • We are reserving a couple of Wednesday evenings in late August in case there are weather-related events early in this shortened modified season.
  • The season will be July and August (proposed start date is the week of July 5th) with a possibility of continuing through to mid-September, provided that FHA will similarly extend the timeframe for membership/insurance per below.


  • Link for Membership –
  • Usually effective from September 1st – August 31st. There are some updates for this year:
  • For current FHC registrants (i.e. anyone who has purchased a membership through FHA’s Ramp for 2020-21, or who buys one from now until June 30, 2021, their registration is valid until Oct. 31, 2021
  • This is for the FHC portion of your membership fee.
  • FHA is currently discussing and reviewing and may/would have to make the same or similar decision to extend the membership.


  • From a risk management perspective to ensure a safe return to the sport, players may only play in either Division I or Division II this summer.
  • Goalies may play for other teams in the same division.
  • Players are able to sub on other teams in the same division if that team is short of a full team (fewer than 10 field players).
  • Umpires may umpire for either division.
  • Masks are not required while playing or on the bench, but are required when not playing (coming to or leaving the pitch).

To all of our AMAZING volunteer coaches, a TREMENDOUS THANK YOU in advance for helping to share your knowledge, time, and passion for the sport that we love!

To all of our new and returning Astros junior players and parents, a HUGE WELCOME BACK to outdoor spring field hockey – we have missed you.

To reduce the number of emails and minimize confusion, communications regarding the CJFH program will come from the CJFH Coordinator, Venus Kwan –

Attached is the schedule and list of the GROUP-OF-10 PRACTICE teams in order to meet the AHS/provincial guidelines for youth sport. If and when updates to the guidelines allow for scrimmages and game play, we will then update the teams accordingly.

  • All practices (for April) are on the OUTDOOR TURF FIELDS at the Calgary Soccer Centre, 7000 – 48 St. SE and will run for 1 hour once a week.
  • Starting May, if AHS regulations persist we will continue to run skill sessions, but it will be twice a week (Thursday and Sunday).
  • As soon as AHS regulations lift, we will jump right into game format in May on Sundays.
  • Athletes and coaches are to maintain 3m distancing at all times
  • Coaches may occasionally come closer than 3m for a short time to an athlete to help with a skill or if there is an emergency with an athlete
  • Masks must be worn at all times on and off the field. Exception is when athletes are running/doing strenuous exercise on the field while maintaining 3m physical distance
  • Athletes and coaches are required to submit a daily COVID screening form (first thing in the morning prior to each session).
  • Athletes cannot touch FHA equipment, including balls, cones, etc.
  • See FHA website for additional COVID protocols for the CJFH program


Verla Wong
Astros Field Hockey Club President

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