Astros Junior Registration

hideYou should not enter any sensitive information on this page such as health data, passwords or social security numbers. If you are being asked or need to provide this information for your registration please contact Astros Field Hockey Club directly.

Astros Junior Registration

Join us for an awesome season of outdoor field hockey … organized, hosted and coached by volunteer members of the Astros Field Hockey Club.
- AGE GROUPS: U12s, U14s, U17s
- What age group am I in –

*U18s with field hockey experience should complete the regular Astros Club registration –

*FunStix (U8/U10) should register on FHA website –

Instructions for Payment

There will be an invoice via TeamSnap for the U12, U14, U17 program (includes league games, festivals/tournaments, practices, uniform jersey, socks)

Payment will be via e-Transfer to “

Instructions for Getting an annual FHA/FHC Membership (September 1st – August 31st)

All players are required to have a current FHA/FHC Membership
- Membership is effective September 1st – August 31st annually
- This is required ONCE annually and will cover all programs; i.e. if your athlete registered in the fall, they do not need to purchase in the spring
- Link –

or cancel